Walnut Veneered Alcove Shelves


About Walnut Veneered Alcove Shelves

Walnut Veneer Alcove Shelves Made To Measure. These Walnut Veneered Alcove Shelves Are Custom Made To Order.

Our real wood veneered alcove shelves are manufactured from solid light weight MDF and finished with a thick real wood veneer. Veneered are shelves book matched keeping the grain matched and uniform throughout.

Alcove shelves are delivered complete with concealed side supports which are fixed to either side of the alcove walls. The shelves have groves which slot neatly on to these supports for a floating finish with no visible fixings.

For maximum load bearing we also supply alcove shelves with concealed brackets to the rear of shelf, this prevents any bowing for longer shelves and will comfortably hold 60kg+ when installed on suitable walls.