Installation Guides

All floating shelves and alcove shelves ordered from Top Shelf UK are delivered complete with all brackets, fittings and fixings needed for installation.

Our alcove shelves have concealed fixings along both sides and at the rear. The side supports are grooved in the ends of the shelf and slot inside the shelf so no fixings of any kind are visible. We also put our concealed brackets along the back of the shelf which prevents the shelf from bowing over time. This means your alcove shelves will stay just as string, straight and level as the days they are installed.

The concealed brackets are used on the majority of our floating shelves. we stock them up to 200mm long which means that they can be used in shelves up to 400mm deep depending on weight capacity required (anything over this we would recommend the Re-Bar system). The best thing about these brackets is the three way adjustment in not only vertical and horizontal but the tilt as well. What does this mean? You shelves will never drop forwards like the cheaper alternatives and any extra weight applied can be easily compensated by adjust the tilt further.

The Re-bar system is predominantly used for either extra deep floating shelves (generally over 350mm) or for projects which require a shelf that is solid and has no movement such as a floating wash room basin etc. This system is only suitable for solid walls and requires an experienced person to install. Once installed into the wall these fixings are permanent.

Although we do not recommend installing on to plasterboard there are some instances where it isn't possible to have it any other way. You should therefore think about making the wall stronger in the areas where the shelves are being installed. This guide is a straight forward way of doing this. It may be a bit more time consuming but the result should speak for itself!